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Support local businesses and strengthen
economic ties between Cambodia and Bangladesh

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CABBA (Cambodia-Bangladesh Business Association) is a not for profit organisation, CABBA formed to support local businesses and strengthen economic ties between Cambodia and Bangladesh.

Cambodia and Bangladesh have entered into 11 cooperation deals during the official visit by Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh H.E. Ms. Sheikh Hasina to Cambodia on Dec. 3-5, 2017.



This association is called the “Cambodia-Cambodia-Bangladesh  Business Association(CABBA)  and operates for the following purposes.

(1)          Endeavor to improve access for Cambodia-Bangladesh  Business Association(CABBA) business to the Cambodia and Bangladesh market;

(2)          Provide services to Members and non-Members relating to economic, legal, technical, financial, market and other business issues in the Cambodia-Bangladesh  Business Association(CABBA) and Cambodia and industry specific information to investors;

(3)          Facilitate the creation of strategic alliances between small and medium size companies of Cambodia -Bangladesh  .

(4)          To promote mutual exchange and friendship among members.

(5)          To provide a place for information exchange for members to develop their commercial and industrial activities.

(6)          The Society does not engage in any political or religious activities.

(7)          Consult & lobby with government on key issues related to doing business in Cambodia;

(8)          Cambodia-Bangladesh  Business Association(CABBA)  Cambodia Committees and staff prepare studies, working papers, initiatives and suggestions for regulations to improve government & business relations and conditions of doing business in Cambodia;

(9)          Promote a strong Cambodia-Bangladesh  Business Association(CABBA) business identity vis-à-vis the Cambodian and Bangladeshi business community;

(10)     Promote strong ties with the Delegation of the Cambodia-Bangladesh  Business Association(CABBA)

(11)     The Cambodia-Bangladesh Business Association(CABBA)  is a non-for-profit association that focuses on Bangladeshi and Cambodian companies wishing to establish commercial or industrial links with Cambodia,Bangladeshi companies or their representative offices already established in Cambodia and ASEAN, or  SAARC and Cambodian firms wanting to develop their activities in the Cambodia and Bangladesh Market .

(12)     CABBA promotes excellence, culture, and bilateral trade between Bangladesh    and Cambodia. It provides information and support to companies in international trade, general consultations, referrals, import and export data, workshops, market research, trade fairs and trade delegations, interpreting, trade mark registration, in parallel to the services provided by CABBA.

(13)     CABBA is built on the support of many who are passionate about Cambodia .Cambodia-Bangladesh  Business Association(CABBA) connections— through personal, business and cultural interests—and our aim is to build and grow these connections through shared support and networks.


CABBA will offer support in the following ways:

  • CABBA will hold networking events and meetings to engage in positive interaction between the local community and all businesses.
  • Offer training opportunities for local businesses to support business scalability, development and expertise.
  • Act as a support network and resource for businesses.
  • Disseminate information to the local business community which may be helpful for their development.
  • We will offer support to existing, new and start-up businesses and sign post to other relevant organizations.
  • Support and encourage apprenticeships, entrepreneurship and more women into business, by linking and working together with other organizations.
  • Deliver community based initiatives to be implemented and delivered in partnership with other local businesses, services and or providers.
  • Voice the concerns of local businesses at different levels and with relevant organizations in order to ensure views are heard.
  • Promote Phnom Penh city and local businesses on various platforms.

Speech of the President of the CABBA

The Cambodia-Bangladesh Business Association (CABBA) in the Kingdom of Cambodia are playing an important role in the growth and stability of the national economy and advancing economic and social development, both through its various efforts in introducing the national economy and showing investment opportunities in the regions as well as cooperation with departments. The various government to make the investment process simple and uncomplicated, the role of the Cambodia-Bangladesh  Business Association(CABBA)is not limited to this but extends to constant communication with businessmen, traders and industrialists of different activities through weekly bulletins and daily news that contain all up to the room of Generalizations or business opportunities as well as local and international exhibitions, seminars and economic lectures that will develop the economic thinking of the members and make them fully aware of the local and global economic realities, and the role of the Business Association is not limited to this, but extends to the average citizen by holding Training courses for job seekers for the private sector labour market

On behalf of myself and on behalf of the members of the Board of Directors of the Cambodia-Bangladesh  Business Association(CABBA)in Cambodia and from this Bangladesh we invite brothers businessmen, traders, industrialists and investors whether their activities are large or small in size to communicate with the chamber and attend the meetings that invite them and share their different ideas and opinions And constructive to develop the region and raise the rate of investment in it and help in its economic growth to become one of the largest economic areas in the Kingdom of Cambodia and Bangladesh .


Mr Mat Fasy



Mr Mat Fasy
Mr Mat Fasy
Cambodia-Bangladesh Business Association