Our Mission

Support local businesses and strengthen
economic ties between Cambodia and Bangladesh

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CABBA (Cambodia-Bangladesh Business Association) is a not for profit organisation, CABBA formed to support local businesses and strengthen economic ties between Cambodia and Bangladesh.

Cambodia and Bangladesh have entered into 11 cooperation deals during the official visit by Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh H.E. Ms. Sheikh Hasina to Cambodia on Dec. 3-5, 2017.


  • Encourage an exchange of ideas, new goods, services as well as networking and looking at research and development opportunities.
  • Motivate entrepreneurs and give them the support to create great new ideas and innovations.
  • Connect and support Businesses into the international market.
  • Preference to the use of new and sustainable technology and resources for efficiency and environmental sustainability.
  • Promote CABBA and encourage membership and networking opportunities.

CABBA will offer support in the following ways:

  • CABBA will hold networking events and meetings to engage in positive interaction between the local community and all businesses.
  • Offer training opportunities for local businesses to support business scalability, development and expertise.
  • Act as a support network and resource for businesses.
  • Disseminate information to the local business community which may be helpful for their development.
  • We will offer support to existing, new and start-up businesses and sign post to other relevant organizations.
  • Support and encourage apprenticeships, entrepreneurship and more women into business, by linking and working together with other organizations.
  • Deliver community based initiatives to be implemented and delivered in partnership with other local businesses, services and or providers.
  • Voice the concerns of local businesses at different levels and with relevant organizations in order to ensure views are heard.
  • Promote Phnom Penh city and local businesses on various platforms.
Cambodia-Bangladesh Business Association
General Secretary
Cambodia-Bangladesh Business Association